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about crossroads

family friendly

We understand the concerns that parents have to ensure their children are cared for in a safe and nurturing environment. Our age-appropriate children’s and student ministries provide a wide range of activities designed to capture attention, foster development, and focus on important spiritual life lessons.

vision and excitement

Crossroads is a church with dreams bigger than its past. Equally important, the strengthening of Crossroads locally will enable us to contribute more to God’s work around the world.


What the world labels diversity is exactly what we think heaven will be like. People of every color, nation, and language are welcome at Crossroads and we are enriched by their presence and unity as we worship the God who made us all.

reflect's God's grace

Crossroads, like any church, is not perfect – we’re a work in progress. Yet by His grace we strive to know Him more, worship Him as we should, be conformed to His image, and reflect His likeness to those in our community.


Neither too old nor too young, the blend of ages represents a rich balance of maturity and enthusiasm. Regardless of age, Crossroads offers a range of fellowship and ministry activities for everyone.


Crossroads Church exists to introduce people to Jesus and help them follow Him.

As a community of faith, Crossroads will have its attitudes shaped, its motives revealed, and its process guided bY:


It covers us and we stand on it. It never ignores truth. But grace wins.


Big, bold, audacious. If it’s too big for us it is just right for God.


Intentional, Godly honesty and above reproach in all things.


Focus on a few things producing excellence in the important things.


Ridiculous, outrageous, and overwhelming. We will be generous in every way.


Mediocre is easy…excellence is hard. We choose excellence.

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